I'm Guilty !

"Unlearning mind reading is tough business. Part of the difficulty comes from the fact that I’ve always been attuned to reading non-verbals: body language, facial expressions, indicators of what people say without words." - The Elephant Journal//🍍⠀

Guilty. I'm guilty of this!⠀
[ However it is one of my favourite superpowers. ]⠀

I mean, it's ok to nonverbally hear what people are saying but it is not ok to assume what they're thinking or how they're feeling before they say a single word.⠀

I am such a body language reader, I love dissecting behaviour. ⠀
I love learning somebody through conversation, how they light up when they talk about things they're passionate about.⠀
I love sitting in silence with my own thoughts yet with the company of another human. ⠀
I love building authentic relationships and in order to do that, i've gotta stop thinking I know what they're thinking.⠀

Haha! What a concept.⠀
So, heres to putting the mind reading to rest and just letting things flow as they should.⠀

One lesson at a time.⠀

BIG love,⠀

📸: @lindynwilliams