The big reveal.

I’ve taken the last six months to re-evaluate my life, my business, my wishes, my wants, my goals, the necessities and the non negotiable’s.  

Whats important to me, whats not.

What I need more of, what I need less of.
Perspective. I needed to change the way I was thinking.

Two winters ago I almost put my camera down.

I’d had enough.  It felt like the food I’d worked so hard to provide for Gabriella and I,
was literally being swiped off my table.
Last year was hands down THE hardest year for my business.
I was run down, emotionally drained and done. 
I felt like “I couldn’t keep up with the Jones’s.”
…& I don’t wanna be a Jones - When I realized this…things shifted for the better.

I started removing people from my day to day who effected my life in a negative way.
I made the hard choices for my own good.
I have this incredible desire to share my heart with the world.

To share my ups, my downs.  To be transparent at all costs.
This is my superpower, my very own.
Recognizing this..fuelled my fire to keep on the pursuit of what I know I do best.

I knew I needed to put my whole heart into what it is I do.
I needed people to know exactly who I was.
Exactly what they’re getting.
I needed to provide a purpose for my clients.
I needed to give them, what they needed.
If they didn’t know what they needed, it was my job to guide them.

I knew I could do all of this on my own, but I don’t like succeeding alone.
Yes, i’ve done it for the last 6 years.  Its lonely though!
Truthfully, i’d rather share the cake. 

Along came Marissa, my loyal friend.
A friend I can call one of my best.
& now business partner.
She’s proven time and time again that she’s got my back.
She’s provided support in some of my hardest times.
I’m forever thankful for you.

We’re SO excited to share with you what we’ve been working so hard on.
We’ve created a NEW website fully from our Wildhearts to yours.
We’re on track for one of the best years yet.
Success however is not defined necessarily by dollars, its defined to us by
our clients, who we work with, how we leave them feeling.  The money is a necessity.

Without further ado we present to you, With a Wildheart by Courtney & Marissa

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Images by the lovely: Lindyn Williams