I dare you to get real.


Its time to get real ya'll. //🌿⠀

I'll go first. I'm Courtney - I'm an amazing single mom, relationship free for almost a year and a half which has been wonderful and also lonely, successful entrepreneur, a lover of the outdoors, family + lifting the weights.⠀

You're probably wondering why is she introducing herself...and why is she half naked in her photo?⠀

Well i'll tell ya why..I'm here to celebrate my bod today.⠀
These thighs and booty can squat and deadlift and run and carry me through tough workouts and these arms can get me up off the floor when we’re doing awful burpees and pull-ups and i’m sooooo forever grateful that my body can do all of that for me. ⠀

I want you all to realize that what you see online isn't always real. Even some of my photos, i've twisted and turned and held my breath to get that " tight, toned shot" because it makes me feel good...I'm human, it happens.*shakes head* Some days I wake up tight and toned and others, I don't.⠀

This is not a iPhone photo with filters on it, its a real capture of me. Nobody was posing me, nobody was telling me to twist and turn...Its just me running from my tripod to my bed with 15 seconds to spare. ⠀

I've always been known as the voluptuous girl, the girl who could shed a few...also the girl who lifts the most weight and the girl who does both the man and the woman jobs in her household and HELL yah for that.⠀

We are more than just our body image guys and gals. We are SO much more. ⠀

I dare you to get real,⠀
Xx Courtney