Words to remember.

One who speaks her mind. One who fights for who and what she believes in. One who knows what she feels matters, and her decisions are solely hers to make.//🌿⠀

Sometimes the world will try and break you down. Sometimes the people you love, try and break you down. They'll purposely say things that hurt you. ⠀
Sometimes you will be put down for what you believe in and what you stand for. ⠀
Sometimes people will call you a whole slew of names just to make you falter, just to see if they have power over you.⠀

Remember, they don't.🙅🏻 ⠀

You know, that being yourself is one of the most valuable things in a world that is ever-changing, changing with or without you. Despite what life has thrown at you, you still stand strong in who you are.⠀

You are a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to her passions, yet is comfortable saying no when a situation presents itself and she doesn’t agree. You are a woman who listens and values all perspectives, but still is grounded in her beliefs.⠀

I am proud of who I am.🙋🏻 ⠀ ⠀
Standing your ground doesn't mean you are a harsh or unkind person. It doesn't mean you are unwelcoming. It doesn't mean you are one-sided or closed off. It means you are honouring yourSELF and living by YOUR rules. ⠀

As hard as it is sometimes, remember you are a better person for it.👌🏼⠀

Much love,⠀
Photo Cred goes to the lovely @marissa.trefry