Wishing I had.

I don't want to spend my life " wishing I had ". //🌿 ⠀

There's a dark place within all of us I think...wishing we had. Wishing we had just kept going, kept following the dream, kept with our routines and rituals. ⠀

"I wish I had...." - I say to myself each day. ⠀
Speaking for myself here..and maybe for some of you. ⠀

I'm learning more and more each day, who I am. Just when I thought I had a real good grasp of WHO and WHAT I was and what I wanted...It turns out more lessons were right around the corner for me. What I thought I was ready for and what i've learnt I am not. ⠀

Not any one of us are the same, not in how we function, how we process, how we work best, how we feel day in and day out. We are all affected SO incredibly differently by the things happening in our lives. ⠀

Instead of telling myself..." I wish I had..." and falling into a 3 week depression, stewing, feeling embarrassed, hating that I allowed myself to fall off track...⠀

I'm going to remind myself, its ok. Its OK.....Its simply ok.⠀Slowly but surely I will start listening to my own advice. Funny how that works eh? 🌙Make fine dreams my friends,⠀