The real story.

"You gotta live with your trust wall and acknowledge it may not know the real story." - Lindyn Williams@lindynwilliams ]//🌿

I love the way you gently keep me in check, the way you see the world and analyze differently than I do. Thats what makes us the friends ⠀

You know when your mind runs away with story after story? Giving you only the most negative ending?⠀
The same story when we feel like we're not enough.⠀
Or our bodies aren't enough. ⠀
Or our work isn't enough. Those stories. ⠀

You guys know what ones i'm talkin' about right?⠀

I've had a couple of conversations with myself lately, slowly but surely putting some stories to bed. Closing the chapter, saying goodnight...goodbye. ⠀

Reaffirming that we are all worthy of goodness, happiness, healthy love, success, and simply - good things in our lives.⠀

Sometimes you need to just tell that little voice in your head to polity fuck off. 🖕🏼⠀

I'm here supporting you in that.⠀