Looking back, Maui seems like a dream a dream I can't wait to have again and again.

I spent ten days with a few of my family members in my most favourite place in the whole world.  Kihei Maui.
We booked this our on a whim, on a surge of emotions and excitement.  This was the first time I put zero thought into something and just went for it!  
I LOVED IT.  Sometimes just going for it is what you've gotta do in order to actually do it.  
How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something you really wanted to do ?  
Financial, partner, kids, work...I promise, travel gives you so much more riches in the world than any dollar amount could.  If you've got the opportunity to travel, GO!  (pack me in your bags though k?) 

We literally lived the life every single day.
My question for you is..when was the last time you did something for the first time ?

Enjoy cruising through my memories,