The Three Things.

Think about it.  When are we not hitting bumps in the road.
Late bills, family problems, health issues, business woes.  When is everything truly smooth sailing?  I don’t think ever.

Three things i’ve learnt while moving through the hard times are:

1. You cannot control what the universe throws at you, however you can control how you react to it.  Yes, the grey cloud is following you around - It’s telling you all the bad things, all the worst case scenarios its taunting you, poking you in the back.  Acknowledge it and then do your best to change your thought process.  Take all the negatives and do your best to turn those into positives.  Smile more and truly believe that the universe is working with you, not against you.

2. You MUST love yourself and heres why.  Ok, so.  Self love.  LOVE THY SELF.  Self love is all over social media.  It came with some negatives for me at one point but now I understand what self love is truly all about.  You know that friend you’ve got thats always got your back no matter what?  Thats self love.  Loving myself, trusting my decisions and being confident in who I am has allowed me to make some really tough choices and not feel guilty for them because I know they're right for me.  The self love journey has not been easy but its certainly is worth it.  Remember the life your living is yours, do your best to help those who deserve your time and energy but don’t give all your jewels away to those who don’t listen and appreciate it.

3. Always be honest and kind.  Start by being honest with yourself.  Stop blaming other people for the reasons why you’re not succeeding.  I know I’ve felt this way at one point in my career.  I’ve also experienced people blaming me for their own issues HOLY man, take a look in the mirror.  It seems easier to blame someone else for your faults than looking at yourself and acknowledging that the problem is actually YOU.  I promise you, taking responsibility for your actions will not only make you a better person and so many more doors will open.   Nobody wants to be around a somebody who blames everyone else for their issues when we've all got lots going on in our lives!  Don't forget, just because someone isn't spilling all their beans on social media doesn't mean they don't have hard things going on in their lives.  Be honest and be kind.

Thanks for being here with me.