Lets dive a little deeper.

Hey friends!
I'm Courtney 🙋🏻 and I am the Wildheart behind With a Wildheart Collective. ⠀

For those of you who don't know.. photograph weddings, engagements and families for a living.  ⠀
I tell your story through the eyes of a daughter who wants to remember every moment, every feeling and every interaction. Just as it is. Just as if it was her very own.//🌲⠀

First and foremost THANK YOU for following along with me.  

For the past 6 years i've been learning with you and through you and in my sixth year of photographing love i've found my own love...[ at a wedding...who would have thought? ] 

The kind of love i've found..is the one we all deserve. ⠀
A kindhearted love, a funny love, a self love, a supportive love, a love for the simple things...a safe love.❤️⠀

The really cool thing about this new chapter of my life is that I can relate to you..my future couples on a much deeper level. I've always known how to connect with you, how to make you feel comfortable, how to help you connect with your partner but now I know how it feels...how it feels to truly feel safe in the arms of the person you care about, how exciting it is every day to wake up and talk about our goals, and the things we look forward to doing together.🦋 ⠀

It allows me to tell your story even better.💁🏻 ⠀

During your vows you teach me that relationships are hard, that inevitably there will be difficult times. That we all have a little crazy in us and the right person will love all the kinds of crazy you have to offer. That we must keep nourishing our own souls, to not lose sight of ourselves. ☝🏼⠀

Thank you for teaching me what all kinds of love look like, I'm looking forward to another year of lessons with you. 🙌🏼⠀