...and this is just the beginning of my wildheart

I document love for a living, it fills my soul.  I genuinely mean that.  I get to listen to vows most weekends, witnessing love in its truest form.  I feel pretty lucky about that.  
Eight years is what it's taken me to be where I am within my business, and just now am I truly feeling successful in what I do. Losing my dad February 24th in 2018 has opened the door to even MORE connection through my photographic process. I’ll talk about that more on the blog.

I am passionate about my family, helping people and mental health. My life is full of  laughter, love, the outdoors, country music, gardening, quading and boating to our cabin.

I'm known for sharing my heart with the world.
I’m known for being honest and brave.
I’m known finding love and relationships fascinating.

In the gym I'm known as being strong + positive. To my friends I'm reliable + trustworthy. 
In the summertime you can catch us on the water heading to our cabin on Nelson Island even free weekend we get.

You can count on me as friend, someone who will give you honest advice, and somebody who will listen...because sometimes thats all we need - right?

Thanks for being here with me.

Big Love,